The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1076 Don’t Get In the Way

Chapter 1076 Don’t Get In the Way

Nicole raised her eyes in surprise. She then calmed down. Nicole smirked and said, “Keith, you should know that a good dog doesn’t get in people’s way, right?” Keith choked. Nicole’s words were so unforgiving. What else could he say? The photos of Keith running naked were still in her hands, so she could hold them over his head for life. However, Keith thought that it was for the sake of his good friend, so he could only stand there stiffly. “Nicole, I don’t mean anything else. I just want to remind you that Clayton is not a simple person. Don’t get duped.” Nicole looked at him steadily for a few seconds and suddenly laughed. “Only an idiot won’t know how to deceive someone, but I’m willing to be duped, so what do you care?” Keith’s face changed a few times. ‘He’s just embarrassing himself.’ Nicole thought. Nicole was just about to leave when she saw a tall, cold figure behind Keith gradually approaching. Her smile faded. All night long, Eric had been politely exchanging

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