The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1079 Feel Sorry for You

Chapter 1079 Feel Sorry for You

In fact, Clayton had been keeping a more comfortable pair of shoes for Nicole in the car. Nicole immediately refused. “Of course not! How can other shoes match my outfit?” Clayton pursed his lips and did not insist on it. Girls had their persistence that could not be opposed. As soon as the two of them walked in, they felt a lot warmer. Nicole relaxed and realized that Clayton’s jacket was still draped on her. He only wore a thin shirt, and he was the injured one. Nicole was a little sad. Clayton looked at her sideways. “What’s wrong?” She reached out to take off her jacket, but Clayton hurriedly stopped her. “Wear it. I just finished a fight, so my body still feels hot.” Nicole paused a little and did not continue to take off the jacket. The nurse on duty welcomed her. “Ms. Stanton? May I ask where you are injured?” This nurse had taken care of the injured Nicole not long ago, so she recognized Nicole right away. Nicole smiled and pointed at Clayton. “Please give him a f

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