Chapter 1080 Rely on You

Clayton’s hand was extremely tight. His eyes blurred as he quietly spoke. “It’s okay, Nicole. I’m okay…” Clayton grew up in infamy as an illegitimate son. Even in the Sloan family, Clayton was just a higher-ranking illegitimate son. No one pitied him because they thought that this was the punishment he deserved as an illegitimate child. Clayton came into this world and hated the world – his vain mother, his irresponsible father, and his powerless self. He envied his cheerful peers, who were bubbly, bright, positive, and ambitious. They were everything he was jealous of. However, in the Sloan family, Clayton had to be silent. Clayton did not have to use too much effort in pretending because being silent and gentle felt the same. It was just that he had a cold-blooded indifference to everything. Isaac’s bullying and scheming were blatant, and Isaac’s hostility toward Clayton was very aggressive. When Clayton first showed his excellence in Sloan Corporation, he received a tragic

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