The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1084 It’s Easy to Take Care of a Pretty Boy

Chapter 1084 It’s Easy to Take Care of a Pretty Boy

Yvette lifted her eyelids. No one would recommend something that was not worth at least a couple million. Nicole closed her eyes and hummed lazily, not even bothering to ask the price. The masseur kneeled to the side in well-practiced movements and started to prepare for work. Her technique was very skillful, and her massage was very comfortable. They felt like they were immersed in a beautiful dream. There was a feeling of drowsiness. By the end, they were lying quietly. Nicole’s phone suddenly rang, startling them awake. The masseur to the side quickly brought Nicole’s phone over. Nicole looked at it and saw that it was from Logan. She answered it, said a few words, and hung up. Yvette stretched her back and felt that this new product was really good. Nicole also stood up. “How do you feel now?” Yvette thought for a moment. “Like I’m wrapped in money!” Nicole was stunned before laughing. “That’s true.” The two of them went to get changed. Nicole’s phone rang again. Th

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