The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1085 A Shocking Secret

Chapter 1085 A Shocking Secret

When Nicole looked up, Clayton had already walked over with an extremely gentle smile on his face. His eyes when he looked at her were filled with warmth and fondness. The corners of Yvette’s mouth twitched. She did not expect him to come so coincidentally. “Take care of the bill, Mr. Sloan!” Clayton nodded and took out his card, handing it over to the store manager at the side. “This is something I should do. You should call me more often for this kind of thing in the future.” Yvette’s smile stiffened. On the contrary, Nicole’s smile only deepened, and she did not stop him. “Then you have to work hard, Mr. Sloan!” Clayton nodded solemnly, a hint of joy surfacing on his handsome face. “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of all the bills from now on.” That was exactly what he wanted. The store manager finished swiping the card and brought it back to Clayton. “The total was four million and seventy thousand dollars. Please come again, honored guests.” Nicole nodded. After all, they

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