The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1086 Complicated Relationship

Chapter 1086 Complicated Relationship

“I accidentally stumbled onto some photos of the past a few days ago. Isaac’s mother is thirty years younger than my grandfather, and she died shortly after she married my grandfather. I’ve probably never seen her before, so I wouldn’t have an impression of her.” Nicole questioned, “Are you suspecting that Isaac’s mother gave birth to him, but he’s not actually your grandfather’s child?” Clayton nodded. A faint shadow cast over his brows. “My mother...” He paused before continuing, “She left quite a few photos while she was still around. I’ve seen photos of my father when he was young, and there are also photos of him with other people. I think Isaac’s mother was among them.” As soon as Clayton’s words finished, Nicole had a shocking speculation in her heart. Her expression changed slightly. “You mean, your father might have a relationship with Isaac’s mother, who is also nominally your grandmother?” A long time passed. Clayton nodded. His expression was heavy and unpleasant.

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