The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1087 He’s in a Bad Mood

Chapter 1087 He’s in a Bad Mood

Clayton was amused and immediately told Nicole his thoughts. “I don’t have any purpose, but they can’t kick Michael out. Michael will get what he’s owed.” Clayton could really risk everything for the sake of his younger brother who had given him warmth in his life. Now, he protected his brother’s son and everything that he had. Clayton’s eyes dimmed as he looked out the window. “It doesn’t matter how they treat me, but I want Michael to be treated properly.” Nicole frowned and paused, and her heart fell to the ground like a stone. She thought too much. How would Clayton, who had never cared about worldly possessions, be overwhelmed by hatred? A while after Nicole spoke, Clayton received a phone call. Clayton held his throbbing head and hung up the phone before coming back. “Lil Michael got into trouble at school again!” He sounded like he was grinding his teeth. Earlier, his love for Michael was sincere. Now, his frustration caused his teeth to itch. Nicole could not help

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