Chapter 1103 Steal His Woman

Clayton was rich and talented. However, after he left the Sloan family, he lost those advantages. Did Clayton want to marry Nicole? Absolutely impossible! Quavon was an experienced person and knew this better than anyone. Isaac’s expression eased, but his heart was still furious. “Then we should seize the opportunity! Nicole doesn’t have a good impression of me. We can’t let Clayton take this chance.” “We can’t even get into the Stanton Mansion. What’s the use of being anxious?” Quavon was a little annoyed. Isaac was quite clever at first, but in recent years, he became a little unreasonable in the Sloan family. Isaac’s face changed. He looked at Quavon with somewhat complex eyes. “Brother, you don’t think that since Clayton is your son, he’ll be of help to the Sloan family just the same if he marries Nicole, right?” He said the word “brother” through gritted teeth. Quavon’s face changed slightly, and his gaze darkened as he looked at Isaac. “What are you saying?” His e

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