The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1104 Change His Mind

Chapter 1104 Change His Mind

Mitchell stood by the side silently. Eric had been in a good mood when he came, but in less than one minute, he was shrouded in a dense chill. The Sloan family was really capable. The secretary ran over in a panic. “I’m sorry for making you wait, Mr. Ferguson. Please come in...” Eric’s complexion recovered quickly. He followed the secretary into Quavon’s office with a powerful aura around him. Quavon immediately stood up to greet Eric. “Welcome, Mr. Ferguson. I didn’t expect something to come up and delay our appointment. My apologies.” Eric nodded with an indifferent face. “Chairman Sloan, congratulations on Isaac’s freedom. He must be very busy now.” "He’s fine. Isaac is still young, so he’s not as earnest as others. He still needs time to hone his skills.” Eric raised his eyes expressionlessly. His tone was cold. “Is everything ready?” Quavon nodded hurriedly. “Yes, Sloan Corporation intends to place its first property in Atlanta. Construction has already started. The

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