The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1105 Dig a Hole Before Burying Them

Chapter 1105 Dig a Hole Before Burying Them

Ferguson Corporation. Mitchell was a little confused. Eric had originally gone to sign the contract, so why did he change his mind at the last moment? Perhaps it had something to do with what Isaac said. Even Isaac had started to set his eyes on Nicole. Isaac really did not know his place. Eric sat in his chair with a cold face. “Has Sloan Corporation’s registration data been sent to the relevant departments?” Mitchell nodded. “Yes, I heard that the preparations have already started, and the soonest they’ll get the permit is in half a year. During this period, they probably won’t give up and will do a lot of preliminary preparations.” Eric’s gaze was sullen and cold as he snorted lightly. “Dream on!” Mitchell raised his eyes cautiously and looked at Eric. “President, are we not going to sign with them?” Eric’s face was expressionless, and he spoke in a cold voice. “No. They won’t be able to spread their roots smoothly anyway, and I don’t plan on letting them do so.” Mitc

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