The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1128 Exposing a Scandal

Chapter 1128 Exposing a Scandal

Clayton stood in his hotel room, looking out into the distance into the dark night. The night sky in Europe always looked a little empty and cold. However, he felt like he was sweating all over. One second, two seconds, five seconds… Nicole finally spoke hesitantly. “Sure. If you’re mentally prepared, I’ll take you to meet them.” In an instant, Clayton felt like he had come back to life, like a drowning man who was just thrown a lifeline. In the night, Clayton’s low laugh was particularly clear. “It’s settled then. We’ll go after this project is finished. You can’t go back on your word!” Nicole could not help but laugh. “Sure. That’ll depend on when you manage to finish it.” She knew that Clayton’s project would not be on the right track until three to five years later. Three to five years might be a bit long, but she felt that they should have enough time. Nicole had to show him hope and thank him for thinking about their future. Clayton smiled. “Okay, I’ll definitely wor

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