The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1129 Reversal and Reversal Again

Chapter 1129 Reversal and Reversal Again

[She’s so self-important! She usually has a gentle and friendly persona, but that’s just an act?] [The assistant is human too. Look, that young assistant looks like she’s about to cry…] [I feel so bad for the assistant. Sara, your popularity really blew up now!] [What’s the big deal about being an actress? Where did this woman get her sense of superiority?] [That lunch box was filled with food. Why can’t a human eat it? Is she saying that the food we usually eat can’t be eaten by high and mighty celebrities like them? Hah…] [She told the assistant to finish it? Don’t be so shameless. Get out of showbiz, Sara! The circle will be brought down by people like you!] ...... Unsurprisingly, everyone on the internet spat at what Sara, the female lead, did. It was simply outrageous. Reporters called the crew to ask if it was true. The crew only said, “We’re investigating it.” Was there a need for an investigation? Were the people blind? Everyone could see that Sara was just putting

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