The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1130 Dealing With It Seriously

Chapter 1130 Dealing With It Seriously

[Check who’s the investor behind her. Is someone spoiling her?] [Go apologize to the assistants and get the hell out of showbiz! Is money from acting that easy to earn?] [It’s so hard for ordinary people to make a living. My heart aches for the little assistant!] ...... The netizens scolded Sara with relish. They only had one purpose, for her to apologize and get out of the entertainment circle. Sara tearfully came out to apologize and posted a small apology essay to try to salvage the situation. The netizens did not buy it. The results came in the afternoon. A person claiming to be from the crew posted a few photos of Nicole dressed in a low-profile, earnestly eating a boxed lunch while visiting the set. Nicole ate the food and talked and laughed with the people next to her. As soon as the photo was uploaded, it quickly went viral. [Look, Sara. This is what a true celebrity is like!] [Nicole’s net worth is a thousand times yours. Her quality is also a thousand times better

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