Chapter 114 Heiress

Once Floyd Stanton’s words fell, the venue was deadly silent. Everyone was just so shocked as if a bomb had dropped on them from out of nowhere. At the same time, the congratulatory words on the huge digital screens on all the buildings outside that could be seen from inside the venue were instantly replaced with Nicole’s picture. Everyone in the entire city could see Nicole’s picture as long as they looked up at those buildings. The Stanton family wanted everyone in the world to know that Nicole Stanton’s value was unparalleled. Everyone present looked incredulous, especially Old Master Ferguson, who was standing in the forefront. His face was stiff for a moment with an obscure astonishment. Eric Ferguson also stood there shocked with complex bewilderment. Ingrid and Quinn Ferguson were not as calm as the Ferguson men. Quinn broke the silence in the venue with her tense and shrill voice as she shouted, “Impossible! She’s clearly an orphan with no money and background!” “Shut up!

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