The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 115 She’s @RichBaby

Chapter 115 She’s @RichBaby

Nicole silently curved her lips and did not say another word. Everyone finally understood. This slanderous farce was created by the Fergusons with malicious intent to defame Nicole. If this happened to an ordinary person, it was simply impossible for them to make a comeback. With the Ferguson family’s power, it was as easy as a snap of a finger to sentence an ordinary person a “social death”. Nicole was not so kind as to hide the Fergusons’ bad deeds. Since there was such an opportunity, she would of course let the world know how despicable and shameless the Fergusons were. Old Master Ferguson stood there trying to conceal the panic and huge sense of regret in his shocked gaze. What was done could not be undone. No one had expected Nicole to be the heir to Stanton Corporation! It was no wonder the Fergusons could not find any trace of Nicole’s past even when they used their connections when Nicole and Eric first got married. Thus, they believed her when she said she was an orph

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