The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1162 The Easygoing Brother-In-Law

Chapter 1162 The Easygoing Brother-In-Law

Grant looked at Clayton playfully. Aida saw that the corners of Nicole’s lips twitched. Both women could hear that something was wrong with Grant, but no one dared to say anything. Clayton met Grant’s gaze and was not the least bit flustered. “There may be difficulties, but everything can be solved. The person I like is here, and nothing is more important than her.” Clayton’s frankness made Grant’s smile stiffen slightly. Aida also faintly froze and subconsciously looked at Nicole. Nicole was as direct as usual and only lowered her head to eat quietly. No one could pick a fault with Clayton’s reason. Grant also seemed to have realized the delicate relationship between them and did not continue to probe the root of the matter. He just faintly swept a glance at Nicole and withdrew his gaze. Grant smiled lightly, “Let’s eat.” Nicole secretly sighed in relief. The meal looked easy and relaxed, but Grant and Clayton were talking back and forth, and they could not stay away from

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