Chapter 1163 Undress

Clayton insisted on being Nicole’s driver, so the real driver could only sit in the back. This scene was extremely strange. The driver did not understand why Clayton had to steal his job. He was a driver, yet he was sitting in the seat where the boss can only sit. It was really like sitting on pins and needles. Nicole subconsciously glanced at Clayton. Clayton could only helplessly be the driver. Had he known that the driver would stay, he would not have insisted on driving since he could not even hold her hand now. When they arrived at the entrance of Falcon Entertainment, Clayton parked the car, and Nicole got off. The two said goodbye to each other. Nicole then turned around and walked into the lobby. Dominic already had someone meet her at the door. Once Nicole entered, she went straight upstairs. Watching her come in, Dominic smiled and hung up the phone. “Just in time, we can see Harvey’s latest results. Let’s go!” Dominic led her out. Nicole did not understand. “Re

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