The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1175 His Shares Were Given to Her

Chapter 1175 His Shares Were Given to Her

Nicole said, “Leave this to me. I can get Naomi to agree.” She smiled. “That’s if you think that this method is feasible.” Sully paused. The expression on his face never eased up. He thought that Nicole was joking. However, it did not look like she was joking either. Sully thought back to yesterday when Nicole said that she wanted to buy “VJ” over the phone. Nicole also said it with such ease, and she did it in less than a day. “Ms. Stanton, let me just confirm that the Naomi you’re talking about is THE Naomi who has won the Best Actress Award in Hollywood for six years and created her own beauty brand, right?” Sully still could not believe it. In the Liberty entertainment circle, Naomi was incredibly sought-after. Naomi was such a unique beauty. She always had her own way of doing this. After having won six consecutive Best Actress Awards in Hollywood, her status in the circle was simply unattainable. Some people would fork out tons of money but still could not get a glimpse

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