The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1176 Who’s in Charge?

Chapter 1176 Who’s in Charge?

When Nicole and Sully rushed over, Clayton had already arrived at the private room that was pre-booked. Sully was more excited than seeing his relatives when he saw Clayton. As soon as they met, they went up and hugged each other. “Clayton, long time no see! You said that you’d come back to Liberty after a few months, but you never returned…” Clayton’s temperament was extraordinary as he stood tall. He smiled as he spoke. “Welcome!” Saying that, Clayton went over to hold Nicole’s hand. Sully was speechless. ‘Is he really happy that I’m here?’ Nicole smiled and held him back. Clayton’s thumb rubbed the back of her hand. This small action was full of intimacy and ambiguity. Her heart trembled slightly as she felt like it was being brushed by a feather. Nicole turned to look at him. Clayton’s side profile was smooth. He had deep features, and his smile was sincere and warm. He made her feel comfortable. Sully went into the private room first. Clayton then pulled Nicole back so

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