The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1206 Cultivate Feelings

Chapter 1206 Cultivate Feelings

Nicole gave her a thumbs up. Naomi clicked her tongue, sat in a chair, and casually draped a blanket over her. She looked casual yet sexy. She sat there and lit a cigarette, taking a drag before turning her head and asking Nicole. “I saw a picture of that pretty boy. Is he the one you have your eye on?” Nicole digested it for a while before realizing that the “pretty boy” she was referring to was most likely Harvey. “No, he’s an image spokesperson that our company is about to sign on. He wasn’t that popular in the past, so we want to rub off some of your international fame!” Naomi chuckled. “So that’s how it is. Since he’s not bad looking, feel free to do so.” Nicole smiled, knowing that Naomi would not refuse. However, she still took out the contract agreement that she prepared long ago from her bag. “This is a small island I bought earlier. I already told someone to clean it up. Don’t you like to go on vacation? Go there and help me see how the scenery on that island is.” S

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