The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1207 Not Going Back

Chapter 1207 Not Going Back

Nicole coughed. “Harvey, it’s a great opportunity for you to be able to work with Naomi this time. You should know that Naomi doesn’t usually accept magazine covers. You have to learn more from her...” Harvey nodded. “Yes, I will.” ...... The meal was quite harmonious, but the most uncomfortable person was probably Harvey. Naomi threw a sideline topic from time to time that he could not catch, shocking him. Nicole could only help him out from the side and divert the topic. After dinner, Nicole sent Naomi back to her room. Nicole originally wanted to stay with Naomi since there was so much to talk about. However, Naomi refused very solemnly. “It’ll be easy for people to misunderstand if two women stay together. My persona doesn’t include coming out of the closet!” Nicole said, “Won’t people understand if a man and woman stay together as well?” ‘Why is she so abnormal?’ Nicole thought. However, Naomi insisted Nicole book another room for her. Back in the room, Nicole receive

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