The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1208 Isaac’s Welcoming Party

Chapter 1208 Isaac’s Welcoming Party

Clayton criticized his son in exasperation. “He also plans to go back to school tomorrow. This incident didn’t traumatize him at all. Instead, it made him soar to popularity in school...” ‘What kind of taste do kids have these days?’ Nicole laughed and breathed out a sigh. She was relieved. Michael had always been naughty, but he should know what he was doing. Otherwise, he would not have asked everyone to leave in advance. Nicole said a few words to change the subject so that Clayton would stop nagging about Lil Michael. Letting Michael grow up carefree was not a bad thing. Clayton suddenly remembered something. “I met a partner today and heard that Eric’s also in Liberty. You guys wouldn’t happen to have met, right?” Clayton was wary. Although Nicole now favored Clayton, Eric had been staring at Nicole and waiting for his chance, so Clayton had to be even more vigilant. Nicole paused. “I already met him...” She casually told Clayton how she got in the wrong car today. Cl

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