The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1209 You’re Telling Me to Get Lost?

Chapter 1209 You’re Telling Me to Get Lost?

Nicole knew from the start that Isaac had malicious intentions. Isaac was the legitimate heir to the Sloan family. Although his identity was somewhat a secret, he was much more out in the open than Clayton. He grew up with a golden spoon and got anything that he wanted. However, when Isaac went to Mediania, the woman he took a fancy to looked down on him and favored Clayton instead. Clayton Sloan, an illegitimate child who could never see the light of day, actually dared to confine and toy with him. Isaac hated Clayton so much that he wanted to kill him with all his heart. Back at Liberty, Isaac joined hands with a few friends to set a trap for Clayton, thinking that they would be able to swallow Clayton’s fortune by immobilizing his assets. However, in the blink of an eye, Clayton turned the situation around and made a trap for them instead. Clayton got out unscathed, but all Isaac’s and his friends’ money evaporated overnight. Although this was nothing much to the Sloan family

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