Chapter 1210 Two Choices

Isaac kicked the door open again as he spoke. This time, Nicole did not deliberately block him. The door was kicked open. The furniture inside was in full view. Isaac walked in boldly like he was the owner of the place. Listening to the movements, Clayton seemed to realize what was going on and shouted in fury. “Isaac, you—” Nicole picked up the phone and spoke in a very light tone. “It’s fine, Clayton. Don’t worry. I’ll handle it. I don’t know the laws here in Liberty, so don’t call the police.” The police in Liberty were the most cumbersome. They might even put a charge on her if they were afraid of Isaac’s identity. She would not call the police, lest it caused more trouble. Then, she hung up the call. Nicole gently closed the door behind her. Her eyes were cold, and her expression was calm. There was not the slightest hint of panic on her face. Isaac already casually loosened his collar and unbuttoned the first two buttons. He revealed his well-defined muscles, but N

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