Chapter 1211 Too Late to be Scared

There was a click. Isaac’s arm was dislocated. Isaac’s face instantly paled and his eyes widened in shock. “You b*tch! How dare you...” Before Isaac could finish that sentence, Nicole slapped him. She used all her strength. The palm print on Isaac’s face was extraordinarily obvious. His cheek was red and swollen with a streak of blood. It was from Nicole’s angular diamond ring. She quietly turned the diamond inward earlier. Thus, when she slapped him, the bloodstain on Isaac’s face suddenly appeared. Isaac was stunned for a moment by that burning scratch. Then, his body stiffened as anger instantly surged to his heart. “How dare you hit me?!” It was just a dislocated arm, so it did not scare him. He was a fully grown man. Would he be afraid of a fragile woman? Nicole crossed her arms, lowered her eyes, and curled her lips. “You were the one who came up to my door. Even if I kill you today, no one will know.” With those words, Nicole took a step back, grabbed the silk sca

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