Chapter 1217 She-Devil

Walter laughed and looked at Mitchell. “What’s the rush? The people finally cleared the area, so I don’t know about the rest, but Mr. Sloan probably didn’t succeed. After all, there were so many people. She was like a she-devil, so anyone would be scared to death!” Mitchell’s face changed a few times. His throat was tense. He slowly shifted his gaze to Eric. Eric’s entire aura had changed. It was extremely cold and enveloped the surroundings. Anyone could see that something was wrong. Eric looked at Mitchell and said very calmly, “Go and check what happened last night.” Mitchell immediately nodded. “Yes, sir.” Mitchell looked at Walter and smiled. “Mr. Galloway, thank you for telling us this. Mr. Ferguson still has work to do, so...” Walter immediately understood. “Mr. Ferguson, I talked too much and delayed your time. Let’s get together again sometime if you don’t mind.” Eric nodded faintly. “Goodbye.” If one listened carefully, one could hear the restraint and hoarseness i

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