Chapter 1218 It’s Nothing Much

Clayton caught Nicole firmly and smiled. The two of them embraced each other tightly, neither letting go. Nicole’s eyes stung as she sighed. “It hasn’t even been a day, and I already miss you.” Clayton hugged her a little tighter. He gently patted Nicole’s back and stroked her hair. “Me too.” His voice was low, husky, and warm. They did not notice that the people to the side had been waiting for a long time. The man finally could not wait any longer and cleared his throat loudly. Nicole froze faintly and let go. Grant stood there with a cold and solemn gaze and an indifferent expression. “Big Brother?” Aida was also standing next to him. She waved her hand gently. “Lil N...” Grant rolled his eyes. “We’ve been standing here since the beginning. You only see us now?!” Aida could not help but laugh. Nicole frowned and looked at Clayton. “I... I thought that Clayton came alone…” Unexpectedly, Grant was here with Aida too. Nicole instantly felt a little embarrassed. They hu

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