The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1241 Not What He Meant

Chapter 1241 Not What He Meant

Jacob Cook did not understand. “But why would Mr. Ferguson do such a thing? According to his character, he won’t find trouble with us because of this. This project isn’t considered Stanton Corporation’s most important project, so even if the work is really stopped, it won’t affect us much, so why would he do such a thing?” It was just a waste of effort. If Eric Ferguson wanted to deal with someone, it would be so sudden that no one would know what happened until it was too late. He would not let them anticipate his attack. It would not be like this trivial thing today that they noticed. Nicole also knew that what Jacob said made sense. After a moment of silence, she finally spoke. “Perhaps, it’s not Eric Ferguson’s intention?” Although Eric calls the shots in Ferguson Corporation, he had so many employees under him. The middle and senior management had over a hundred people, so someone was bound to do things on their own accord. Logan and Jacob looked at Nicole in unison. Nico

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