Chapter 1242 Granduncle

The voices inside seemed to fall silent for a moment. Those gazes were surprised, appreciative, and amazed. Nicole swept a glance and suppressed the strange feeling in her heart. She finally looked at a majestic-looking old man. She smiled. “Hello, Uncle Leonard.” Old Master Leonard seemed to be stunned for a moment. He then smiled and greeted her. “Nicole, come here quickly. I’ve attended your first birthday party, and now look at you! In a blink of an eye, you’re such a big girl now…” Nicole smiled and politely walked over. It was not important whether Old Master Leonard really attended Nicole’s first birthday party. What was more important was that his attitude was still respectable. Nicole ignored the equally surprised Keith Ludwig on the side, walked over modestly, and smiled. “Uncle Leonard, I’ve wanted to come over to visit you for a long time, but I only show up now. Please don’t blame me for being rude.” Old Master Leonard laughed. He looked like he had seen all sort

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