The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1243 Not a Good Deal

Chapter 1243 Not a Good Deal

The waiter on the side handed over a glass of juice. Nicole said thanks and took it over, then gently took a sip. Keith stood on the side and watched. “Why aren’t you curious that I’m here?” Nicole looked at him calmly. “Why should I be curious?” It had nothing to do with her. Keith choked and suddenly did not know what to say. “What are you doing here? Are you here to ask for help from the Old Master?” Nicole replied, “Mm.” Keith smiled and rubbed his chin. “What a coincidence! Old Master Leonard is my granduncle, so we’re considered relatives. If you need any help, I can put in a few good words for you. Maybe then, you’ll achieve what you want with half the effort.” Nicole raised her eyebrows. “There’s no need for that.” Keith smiled. “I’m just being kind, for Eric’s sake.” “So, you’re saying that you’ll help without getting anything in return?” Keith was quiet for a moment. He pursed his lips, and only after a long time did he hesitate to speak. “If you want to return m

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