The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1244 We Have a Conflict

Chapter 1244 We Have a Conflict

Nicole saw that there were a lot of guests for the dinner tonight. Some were familiar faces, but others were strangers. The political and business dignitaries came over to network without any concerns. It was evident that Old Master Leonard’s status in Sand City was just as good as they said. It was just that Nicole did not expect so many people to turn up to an appointment that she asked Logan to make with Old Master Leonard. However, since this was the Leonards’ territory, perhaps Old Master Leonard had his own plans. Just as Nicole was thinking about this, someone came over and respectfully relayed a message. “Ms. Stanton, Mr. Leonard is asking for you.” Nicole raised her eyebrows, put down the glass of wine in her hand, said thank you, and walked over with the waiter’s guidance. The lights shone brightly. Nicole attracted a lot of attention as she walked to Old Master Leonard. “Old Master Leonard…” Nicole immediately put on a friendly smile as if she was joyful from the

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