Chapter 1245 My Boyfriend

Old Master Leonard turned his head to the side. “Taught a lesson? Is there some kind of misunderstanding? Why would Nicole teach you a lesson?” Autumn gritted her teeth and was just about to speak. Suddenly, Nicole curled the corners of her lips. Her expression was dull and cold. “Ms. Ferguson, you misunderstood. How was that a lesson? Everyone knows that Clayton and I are dating. You keep calling me ‘sister-in-law’ in front of Clayton. You didn’t even call me that before Eric and I got a divorce. Ms. Ferguson, if you’re suddenly so friendly, it’ll make my boyfriend misunderstand the situation.” Nicole knew full well that Autumn was interested in Clayton, but she still unapologetically stated her relationship with Clayton. She also knew very well that Autumn’s animosity toward her was because of Clayton. However, Nicole would not deny the fact that she and Clayton were dating just to please anyone. The air instantly became stagnant for a moment. Keith felt awkward and could not

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