The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1247 Two Good Ways

Chapter 1247 Two Good Ways

The people in the back continued to discuss in a soft voice. “Ms. Stanton really drank too much…” “There are too many things happening recently, so maybe she’s upset.” “Old Master Leonard, are you really just going to ignore it? No matter what, this project is also under the Stanton Corporation. If Floyd Stanton comes forward, we can hardly refuse…” Autumn let out a light laugh. “How could Chairman Stanton step in so easily? If Nicole can’t solve this kind of trivial matter, it just shows her incompetence. How else can she establish her strong CEO persona in the industry going forward? We’ll just wait and see what happens…” Old Master Leonard said, “You shouldn’t go too far either. I still have a relationship with the Stanton family. If Floyd Stanton contacts me, I won’t continue to make things difficult for his daughter…” Someone from the approval department asked, “Then we’ll continue to drag it out?” Old Master Leonard sighed, then laughed casually. “Drag it out. Nicole’s s

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