The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1248 Ask Me for Help

Chapter 1248 Ask Me for Help

Nicole’s smile faded. Her gaze was clear and cold as she looked at Keith. At that moment, Keith could feel a chill crawl up his backbone. Nicole’s voice was indifferent as she said, “Keith, I was right about you. You’re just a scumbag that can’t think of any good solutions. I really hope Ms. Lehman can be relieved soon and escape from her suffering. I decided that as long as she’s willing, I’ll help her without reservation. I hope that you’ll both separate as soon as possible!” Keith’s expression crumbled slightly. ‘God! I just wanted to give my good brother Eric a chance to start over again. How did I get cursed?!’ The feelings that Keith fought for only a while back were attacked without reservation. For a moment, it was as if Keith saw hell. If Nicole really wanted to help Livia escape, the odds were that Keith would not have the chance to meet Livia again in his life. Luca got the driver to drive the car to the front. After Nicole said that, she wanted to walk down the step

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