The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1249 Ms. Stanton Is Very Angry

Chapter 1249 Ms. Stanton Is Very Angry

Keith paused. ‘Eric can still sleep in such an urgent situation?!’ “Ferg, something big has happened!” Originally, this matter was not worth telling Eric, but once it involved Ferguson Corporation and with Eric’s sensitivity to Nicole, Keith felt that this matter could be even more precarious than he imagined. “Speak.” Eric’s tone was cold, decisive, and harsh. Keith said, “Stanton Corporation’s project in Sand City was recently sabotaged by someone. Nicole found out that the person who sabotaged them is someone from Ferguson Corporation.” The phone suddenly went silent after Keith said that. There was not even the sound of breathing. Keith looked at his phone strangely and double-checked that he was still on the call. “Ferg, are you listening?” Eric suppressed his emotions. “What do you mean? My people?” Keith gritted his teeth. “The person she found isn’t some middle or upper management. I’m guessing that he’s just out to cause trouble, but he has something to do with Fer

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