The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1254 The Desired Reversal

Chapter 1254 The Desired Reversal

When Nicole finished speaking, the office was silent. Logan’s gaze went from shock to amazement. He suddenly realized that this was not a bad thing. It would even cause a new wave of rising sales. Even Jacob was a bit dumbfounded. Nicole’s method seemed to be beyond imagination. Jacob could not help but stand up and spoke with an excited expression. “This way, those bribed owners will definitely not act rashly. No matter how much benefit the mastermind behind this offers them, they can’t give everyone a house, right?” Logan widened his eyes. “That’s right. This buy and sell is not at all beneficial to those who want to take advantage of the opportunity to cause trouble. Others won’t risk selling the house they have. When the quality inspection results come out, those who have sold the house will definitely regret it. Not only that, by then we’ll also increase the price. No one is willing to spend more money to subsidize the difference, which means that tomorrow, those owners won

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