The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1255 Waiting for You to Beg Me

Chapter 1255 Waiting for You to Beg Me

Nicole had not strolled around the streets here, so she was just walking around aimlessly. Unknowingly, she walked to the end of a street. She was a little lost and looked around, seemingly a little confused. When she raised her eyes, she saw a bar. After thinking about it, Nicole walked in. The music inside was deafening, but there was not much of a crowd. Nicole swept a glance, then walked to the private area and went to a booth. She was a little tired and wanted to relax. However, not long after, someone stood in front of her and blocked the light. Nicole frowned, raised her head, and saw a few people in front of her. Autumn was one of them. Behind her were a few frail-looking men with outstanding looks and figures. Their strong perfume made Nicole feel unpleasant. Nicole suppressed her heart’s doubt and acted calmly. “What a coincidence, Ms. Ferguson.” Autumn smiled and raised an eyebrow. “Ms. Stanton, we’re really fated to meet. Why are you alone? You don’t mind if we a

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