The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1256 Trade for Him

Chapter 1256 Trade for Him

Nicole suddenly laughed and stared at Autumn meaningfully. “Ms. Ferguson, in that case, are you going to help me? As long as I beg you, will you help me?” Autumn froze for a moment, not expecting Nicole’s attitude to change so quickly. She paused for a few seconds and lifted her chin. “Of course, it’s not that simple. I want you to promise me one condition!” Nicole raised her eyebrows. “Leave Clayton?” All of a sudden. The sound of the music in the bar seemed to stand still. The noisy drums passed by Autumn’s ears, making her heart tremble. Autumn felt like her heart missed a beat. Unexpectedly, Nicole said everything that Autumn was supposed to say, all at once. The corners of Nicole’s lips held a faint smile as if she was smugly mocking the dirtiness in Autumn’s heart. Nicole had seen through by Autumn. For a moment, Autumn felt like she was stripped naked in full view of the public. Obviously, Autumn was the one who controlled the situation before, but now, Nicole was i

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