Chapter 1257 Compromised

Autumn took a deep breath. After a long time, her nerves slowly calmed down. She stood up and went straight to the Leonards’ residence. Old Master Leonard looked like he had been waiting for Autumn for a long time. He frowned at her. “I couldn’t contact you and thought you disappeared!” Autumn smiled and resumed her usual well-behaved and understanding appearance. “Why would I? Of course, I’ll come back to pay my respects to you, Grandpa!” Old Master Leonard’s face was a little heavy. “This is beyond our expectation. Nicole didn’t come back a second time to beg me. Instead, she issued a statement asking for an inspection.” At that moment, Old Master Leonard was a little nervous. Autumn said, “So what if it’s an inspection? Anyway, the project will be delayed, and they’ll pay for the losses. No matter what the result of the inspection is, Stanton Corporation’s project will surely lose money.” Old Master Leonard glared at Autumn. “Do you think I want to get into trouble with S

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