Chapter 1292 Hold Back

However, there were no notifications from Clayton. There was not a single message or phone call! That was too strange. Nicole frowned. This simply could not have happened before. She thought, ‘Maybe he just got back and has too much work to do that he can’t finish?’ Nicole finished her shower and pondered, wondering if he was already asleep. She decided to send him a message. [I’m going to sleep. Goodnight!] Clayton replied before she could close her eyes. [Goodnight. Sweet dreams!] Nicole looked at the reply for a long time before her mood gradually calmed down. She turned off the phone and went to sleep. Early the next morning, Nicole called Logan. Since she came back, Logan naturally followed her back as well. Logan found information about Sloan Corporation and sent it to her. It was the latest news, and everything was very detailed. He followed Nicole to the study as soon as he arrived. The butler wanted to send some refreshments upstairs but was stopped by Floyd. The

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