Chapter 1293 Your Loss

Every strand of Tigger’s fur showed his rejection. Tigger did not want to see that lunatic Molly Stewart! Nicole smiled and went downstairs. The phone just so happened to ring. Nicole went down and picked it up. “Hello, who is this?” The other party was silent for a few seconds before speaking in a gruff tone. “Ms. Stanton, it’s been a long time.” Nicole froze. The smile at the corners of her lips faded, and her eyes became cold. “Chairman Sloan?” “Yes, Ms. Stanton. Are you feeling better?” There were deep meanings in his words. Nicole heard it. He hoped that she would die quickly, right? She smiled. “I’m much better, thanks to you. I can still live for a few more decades...” Quavon was silent for a few seconds. He was probably furious. “Don’t be too arrogant, girl. You rely on the little power your family has to cause trouble everywhere. Did your father not teach you to tuck your tail between your legs when you go out?” His tone was hoarse and low as he suppressed hi

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