The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 131 Get the Hell Out of Here

Chapter 131 Get the Hell Out of Here

Maverick looked down at his phone and frowned. He was extremely patient in correcting the formula sent to him by Molly Stewart as he was a perfectionist. To find a suitable place for Maverick, Nicole asked Yvette along to the nearest property sales office. The two ladies stopped in front of a property sales office when they saw one. “Is your family even short of houses? Stanton Corporation has so many properties, can’t you just pick one at random?” Yvette was puzzled. Nicole shook her head. “No, those properties are all very popular and high in demand, so the surrounding area must be very noisy. My second brother won’t like it.” This property sales office was elegant and quiet. It looked like it catered to a high-end crowd. “This is a property owned by Ferguson Corporation. Ms. Stanton, did you come to the wrong place?” A cold and familiar voice rang out behind her. Nicole turned around and met the woman’s eyes. ‘Ha! Samantha Lindt?’ Nicole raised her eyebrows and hooked the

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