The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 132 Because You’re My Ex-wife

Chapter 132 Because You’re My Ex-wife

Ferguson Corporation President’s Office. It was so quiet that even a pin drop could be heard. Eric tapped his fingers on the desk slowly, one after another, which made Mitchell’s nerves tense. He sat there with sunken eyes and said in a cold tone, “She went to the sales office to buy a house?” Mitchell stood there respectfully. “Yes, the sales staff personally confirmed it, and I’ve seen the surveillance footage. Ms. Stanton went with Ms. Quimbey. They’re still there.” Eric’s eyes were deep. After a few seconds, he got up and said in a clear voice, “Let’s go over and take a look.” Although Eric did not know why Nicole went there, he wanted to see for himself what she was up to. “Yes, sir,” Mitchell replied respectfully and could feel a heavy air enveloping Eric. Eric’s reaction was always unexpected whenever it involved Nicole. The sales manager introduced a few high-end boutique apartments and carefully asked, “Ms. Stanton, are you satisfied with this style? Are you living by

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