Chapter 1324 Blind Date

Nicole smiled, looked at Molly, and carried Tigger out of her bag. “It missed you very much...” Tigger stomped on its four legs. “No, let me go. I wanna eat Mean Molly!” Molly’s face instantly became spirited again as she grabbed it by the scruff. “Do you really think that you’re a beast? Little traitor, can you even stomach it?!” Tigger fearfully and reluctantly submitted to Molly’s strong intimidation. After a few rounds, Tigger was forced to admit that Molly was the most beautiful woman in the world. When Nicole saw that Molly was in a better mood, she gradually turned to the main topic. “Molly, let’s go across the street for a spin?” Molly raised her head and looked at the opposite street. Only then did she notice that it was an exhibition hall of luxury wedding dresses. The wedding dresses inside were all world-class haute couture designs and were not things that could be bought just because one had money. The identity and family background of the purchaser had to be ver

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