The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1325 It’s All Hers

Chapter 1325 It’s All Hers

Nicole hurriedly pulled Molly, who turned to leave. She laughed helplessly. “Little Miss Molly, you have to believe in my financial strength. I’m a filthy rich woman! Can’t I even get into this store?” Molly looked at her with a frown, half-skeptical. Nicole’s pride was hurt. She waved her hand grandly. “This whole mall is mine. If they don’t let me in, I’ll make them disappear!” Molly was shocked and speechless. The whole mall was Nicole’s? Was she that rich? Nicole pulled Molly over. Before they reached the door, the attendant inside respectfully and politely pulled the door open from inside. “Welcome...” Molly said, “Wow, so there are people inside all the time...” She thought that the inside was usually closed. Nicole was speechless. The attendants all wore uniforms and had very standard smiles and manners. Once they went in, they were shocked by the decoration inside. It was opulent and it felt like describing it as luxurious would be an understatement. Every light

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