The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1343 Hospitalized From Anger

Chapter 1343 Hospitalized From Anger

The environment was agitated to a certain extent. Even the political circles began to warn Sloan Corporation to solve this matter quickly in order to avoid social unrest. Faced with countless cameras, Quavon could only choose to delist. However, he had already missed the best time to delist at this juncture. Their internal capital shortage was too big to be filled. One of the board of directors proposed to get someone to acquire their company. Quavon was so furious at that moment that he was hospitalized. He never dreamed that Sloan Corporation would end up like this. It was evident how badly Isaac had run the company. Once this solution was proposed, some people put their hopes on it. To rise again was no longer possible, so they could only hope to be acquired to temporarily alleviate the current shortage of funds. Thus, despite Quavon’s objection, the board of directors decided to discuss the acquisition details the day after tomorrow. As soon as this news was released, it

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