The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1344 Determined to Keep Up Appearances

Chapter 1344 Determined to Keep Up Appearances

Nicole swept a glance at the person sitting in the front, presiding over the meeting – the Vice President of Sloan Corporation. There were many other bosses who were invited to attend the meeting, and they were all interested in acquiring Sloan Corporation. After all, being able to acquire such a large conglomerate was enough to stir the business world. The rest were the shareholders and directors of Sloan Corporation. Sitting on one side was Quavon Sloan, who was in a wheelchair. His face was grim as he looked at Nicole who just came in. As soon as Nicole arrived in Liberty, Quavon had received news of it. However, the people Quavon sent failed miserably. He even received news from the mob telling him to stop targeting Nicole. That was because Nicole was under the protection of the mob. As long as she was safe and sound within the confines of Liberty, she would pay a very handsome compensation after she left the country. The Sloan family’s power was no longer enough for others

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