The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1351 If Eyes Can Act

Chapter 1351 If Eyes Can Act

Quavon’s body trembled. He really felt that he was getting old. Sloan Corporation’s people and things seemed to be disconnected from him. The killer tricks Quavon took out one by one could not change any situation at all. The outcome was final. He lost! Quavon’s heart clenched violently as he fell on the stage in the next second. Photos of this scene were taken by people with a motive and posted online. Some people claimed that this fall was the collapse of a business empire. They were right. Quavon was taken to the hospital with Clayton’s people keeping watch. Inside the conference hall, the meeting continued. Nicole had prepared a new list of board of directors long ago. The Vice President kept his position, but until Nicole’s share transfer agreement took effect, Nicole temporarily assumed the position of President of Sloan Corporation. No one had any objections to this proposal. The dust finally settled. Once the new appointment was announced, it sparked a huge discus

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