The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1352 Pack Them up and Take Them Home

Chapter 1352 Pack Them up and Take Them Home

After today, these things that should have been gnawing at Clayton’s heart suddenly dissipated as he stood here at this moment. It was like a cloud of smoke. Clayton had no family, but Nicole became his family. How nice! Nicole stood there, admiring the famous paintings on the wall. Several of these paintings were authentic pieces from the auction. Nicole turned her head and smiled at the Vice President. “Please send me a list of all the employees above the middle and senior levels, including their family backgrounds and personal information. You’re right, I’ll have to re-examine them.” The Vice President immediately nodded his head. “Sure, no problem. I’ll have the secretary bring it over here.” Clayton smiled and turned back. “Vice President, my father is still considered a shareholder and not completely disconnected. Aren’t you afraid that he’ll come back to deal with you?” The Vice President froze for a moment. He looked at Clayton with a deep gaze. He was older than C

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