The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1353 You’re So Passionate

Chapter 1353 You’re So Passionate

Clayton froze. He did not know that Luca was still here. He thought that Luca had followed Logan out and left together. When Clayton looked back, sure enough, Luca was staring at them with unblinking eyes. At once, Clayton felt like he could be choked to death with Luca’s eyes. Clayton silently let go of Nicole. “Uncle Floyd asked him to come with you?” Nicole answered. After a moment, Clayton casually asked again. “Then will he report to Uncle Floyd about everything no matter what?” Nicole looked at Clayton and felt a little strange. “Of course! He only listens to my father.” The implication was that Luca could even refuse to listen to Nicole. Clayton’s face turned glum. ‘It’s over… What if Luca describes what I just did to Nicole and reports it back to Floyd? Will I be on the Stanton family’s blacklist? My stupid hands!’ Only after Nicole finished speaking did she realize that Clayton was worrying about something. Nicole laughed. She glanced at Luca and waved her hand.

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